A Man and His Generations

I have been itching to create something new and different that I have never done before. I needed a break from my typical post process of selecting images, editing them, and uploading them. Here is a little back story of how I came up with this idea of creating an abstract image with a “painterly” feel entitled, “A Man and His Generations.” It all started with a picture of my grandfather who passed away when I was a baby. I remembered that my brother, who is a painter, decided one time to paint a portrait of me. During the process he realized that our features lined up and he said he felt like he was painting himself. Plus I knew most of us in the family had the “Sheldon nose.” Recently when I saw an image of my grandfather when he was in his twenties and in the servie, I got the idea of taking all of the male, blood line generations after him and overlaying ourselves on top of his image in a very quick and abstract way to see what would result of it. The image consists of faces from: me, my dad, uncle, brother, cousins, and nephews. It also includes our clothes with some of them being from more memorable times such as weddings, graduation, armed service, and more. It was very enjoyable to create and really neat to see how our family features lined up even when our heads were askew to the original image. I did it very quickly and somewhat sloppy to obtain an abstract image almost like a painting. I thought the final image came out pretty cool, but I thought the process might be even cooler, so I decided to record every step of me creating the image and then condensing it and speeding it up to produce a video of the entire process. Below is the original and final image and the creation process of it.

Delicate Steve

This summer I saw a few free concerts at Chicago’s Jay Pritzker Pavilion. One of the bands I saw was called “Delicate Steve”. They are an instrumental band with a unique sound. I enjoyed capturing the show with my camera and listening to some good, new tunes. I ended up with too many photos to post all of them so I decided to make a simple video slideshow of the photos instead. I have photos of another band I saw there as well. I will post them soon.

Wrinkles of Beauty

So I figured I would try uploading a video this week. I created this video a while ago, but I figured it would be something different than just posted photos. Plus, I like doing this type of narrative, documentary work and trying various visual mediums. I created and edited every piece to the video including the audio, photos, and narration. It is a visual representation of a poem that I wrote during the time I spent 3 months in North Africa in summer of 2008. The title stems from the first photo in the video. I would love to get into more motion video work. However, at this point since being out of college, I don’t have access to a nice video camera. I really hope to upgrade my camera soon with one that has HD video.