Just Some Thoughts

New Site

I know, I know its been forever since I have blogged. Part of the reason has been camera issues, but that means I have been shooting more film lately which I have really enjoyed and will hopefully post sooner than later. The other reason is from working on a new website. That being said, I am excited to announce that my new site is finally up with the same url! www.joshsheldonphotography.com

I have been wanting a new site for a while now. I wanted something with a different look and style and with a bit more functionality, yet keeping it clean with the focus on the images. I had way too many categories on my old website and it just seemed overwhelming and broad. My site, I must admit is still a bit broad in general, but what can I say, I like shooting everything…I am still debating whether or not to put a sports category on it.

Anyway, I now have more narrowed categories with albums separated within them. I think this allows for a much easier and cleaner look and navigation. The option I probably love the most is being able to see the photos in full screen mode. It just makes them much larger and stand out that much more! Its a bonus to be able to scroll through the photos using the arrows on your keyboard as well. I hope you enjoy the new look with some new photos! If you have any comments or suggestions about any of the photos, albums, or the site in general don’t hesitate to share them with me. Enjoy!

A Little More Film & Vintage

I recently pulled out my old film camera as I have been looking at film and vintage photos more recently. As I played around with the camera and looked at the various lenses and filters, I got a sense of that old feeling of the film camera itself and remembered when I first started taking pictures with it. I decided I really want to get back into shooting film a little more. Below is a list of a few reasons why I like using film. Of course, I will always continue to shoot digital, but I want to do both and be versatile creatively to different styles, formats, or mediums even if I my film shots are strictly personal. So in preparation I developed two random rolls that I found from a while ago and bought some new rolls to start shooting with. However, the photos of my film camera below are taken with my digital camera, but I wanted the images to represent as if I shot them with a film camera to almost prepare or ease my way back into film. I set all my settings as to what I thought would be correct to get the “film feel” that I wanted with correctly exposed, warm lighting. I shuttered a few images and did not look at my camera’s lcd screen to view the images and make adjustments. I just hoped for the best and uploaded them onto my computer and was not going to enhance them in a single way. I just took the exact raw images I shot. And well, I really liked what came out, so that is why they are posted below. The last two I digitally altered to make them a little abstract with a touch of vintage / old film. I love the feeling of these.

List of not all, but a few reasons why I like shooting film:

– I like the idea that every photo costs money therefore it makes me be more careful about each shot, instead of digitally just snapping away almost care free then looking at the screen, adjusting as I go.

– I need to carefully compose and light meter each shot. It makes me think about what I am doing and wether or not the particular “scene” is worth shooting. Therefore, I pay attention to and hone in on my knowledge and sense of shutterspeed, aperture, iso, outside elements, etc.

– It provides a different feel and look or aesthetic.

– Getting back the film is always a surprise as to what I captured. Don’t get me wrong, I still get excited or nervous at times before I upload my digital images to my computer because I can see them bigger and in more detail, but I still have a basic idea of what they look like and if they came out good because of the lcd screen on the camera.

– I have fewer shots, but hopefully better shots within the fewer amount, instead of having 100’s or 1000’s to sift through because I did not take my time, think as much, and was not as careful.

Documenting A Community in Need

Hello everyone! Sorry It has been so long since I have posted something. I have been super busy with work, shooting a family portrait, lining up more photo gigs, and attending Jeremy Cowart’s (one of my favorite photographers) all day workshop here in Chicago.

However, One of the main things that has been keeping me busy is an organization I joined earlier this year. I am kind of like the “media” guy and official photographer for the organization. The Organization is called Christ’s Initiative and this coming February we are building a community center in Gweru, Zimbabwe that will house orphans, have a feeding program, educate people about hygiene and self-sustainable farming, and more.

I, as Josh Sheldon Photography have the opportunity to go to Zimbabwe for 1 month to document with a photojournalistic approach the start up of this grassroots non-profit and the lives of the community it is helping.

My hope is to use the art of photography and possibly a few other mediums such as journaling and video to raise awareness about the situation and the organization, and also to raise funds to help out this community in desperate need. I hope to come back and sell prints, hold a gallery or two, maybe get something published, speak and give a presentation, etc.

However, for me to do this I need to raise $3500 to cover my expenses for 1 month in Zimbabwe. To learn more about how I am going to do this and how you can help please go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1500130308/documenting-a-community-in-need.

Feel free to visit Christsinitiative.org for detailed information about the organization.

Below are just a few photos that I did the editing for from the feeding program we started with some of the money we raised and sent to our partners in Zimbabwe.

Updated Business Cards

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I am now residing in the city of Chicago! I have been getting settled in and getting used to the area therefore I have not been photographing much lately. I can’t wait to start looking at this city through my lens, but for now you will just have to tell me what you think of my more simple business card idea. I am trying to keep it consistent with my website portfolio and the blog. I decided to keep the abstract image because it is too bare without one. However, I couldn’t think of a different image that “defines me as a photographer” because I don’t want to be categorized as one specific type of photographer such as: wedding, portrait, landscape, documentary, etc. The back is what I changed the most because it was too busy. Thanks for your suggestions on the previous idea. Again, the white border won’t be printed; its just there to separate it from this site’s background.

Business Cards

So I have recently been working on a business card design. I want it to be simple and clean and reflect the colors of my website and blog. I like to keep things consistent. I have a few ideas, but have not designed them all. Honestly this is the second design I came up with. The first one was similar, but I revised it a great deal to make it easier to read and a bit more aesthetically pleasing. I was thinking of putting a more “standard” photo of mine on it, but I feel my photography is so diverse that I don’t know of an image that would really define my photography. I don’t want to limit myself. For example: if I put a portrait on there, I don’t want people to think I am just a portrait photographer or if I put a picture of a mountain I don’t want people to think I am just a landscape photographer. Hence this is the reason I put one of my abstract photos as the background (same as this blog background).  I felt that there had to be some type of image or else it would be too boring with just text. I am mainly posting these to get some feedback from the design. Now that I am done rambling, let me know if you like the design or not. Tell me if you think it is great or what changes I should make to it, or maybe tell me to design something completely different. I am open to suggestions. Feel free to comment here on the blog, through email, facebook, or anyway you would like to get my attention really. The first image is the front and it will be glossy. The second is the back with a matte finish. The white background wouldn’t be printed. I just put it there to make it stand out from the blog background.

New Website Photos

Hey everyone. Finally, I have posted a whole slew of new photos on my website (JOSH SHELDON PHOTOGRAPHY). Some are from recent shoots and some are from past shoots. Most galleries have been updated. I even created a new gallery called “People / Places”.  I find it hard to decide which photos from my shoots to put on my website and which ones to take down. I don’t want to overload my “portfolio” with images making the website run slowly and have too many images to browse through.  Obviously some photos immediately stand out, but I also take so many that tend to be different and equally appealing, therefore making my decision harder. At times I think this is a good thing, other times it can actually be annoying. Maybe I should do a voting thing on this blog when I post images from a new shoot to see which ones to upload on my site. We’ll see. I have not been able to get out my camera lately and I have been busy. Therefore, I decided to just update my website. I am realizing that the majority of photography isn’t actually taking photos (my favorite part). I feel that I spend more time sorting, editing, ordering and marketing or what I call the “back end” and business part of photography. Well, that is it for now. Enjoy browsing through the new images although many of you have probably seen most of them through this blog. If there are any you really like or even don’t like, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

The Beginning

So this is the beginning of my blog. I will try to keep you up to date on my photography endeavors. I plan to update you with thoughts that I have, photos throughout the week, different photo shoots I’m involved in, and maybe some inspirations. Depending on feedback and my own prudence when it comes to blogging, I might get into voting for best photo of the month or even videos. I might even post shoots I have done in the past with photos that are not on my website. My website can be visited here: JOSHSHELDONPHOTOGRAPHY . This photo will mark the beginning of my journey into photography blogging. Enjoy!