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White Lucy

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the band “White Lucy” recording their album in Audio Tree’s studio with the amazing engineer Brok Mende. I love documenting bands and capturing the vibe of the atmosphere and personalities. It was also pretty fun to change the thousands of lights in the studio to different colors. Brok probably was getting annoyed with how much I was playing with them ūüėČ

White Lucy’s new album is going to sound soooo good! I can’t wait to get it when it comes out. Check them out and give them a follow on instagram.¬†I am continually amazed at the talent of my friends and am always honored to collaborate with them.

My Cousin’s Wedding Weekend

Here are a ton of candids I took of my family during my cousin Ellie’s wedding weekend. This is not curated to perfection by any means and is very behind the scenes. To be honest, this post is more for me and my family. However, whoever outside of my family does look at this, I hope you see the joy and beauty amongst these people. Below you will see images ranging from goofy moments of my nieces and nephews, to Ellie’s rehearsal, to epic light shining down on Ellie and Brendan in their wedding attire (and the rest of us including Hartford), and the moments in between. My only regret is that not all my family were there and I wasn’t able to get a picture of everyone, for I was mainly focused on capturing images of my cousins family as a gift to her. Enjoy!

Natures in the Studio

Recently I photographed some of my talented friends and their band, “Natures”. They were recording with the amazing audio engineer and my dear friend, Brok Mende at Audio Tree’s studio. Brok is a wizard behind that large board and he is a stand up guy to boot. While I was there photographing, the tracks sounded so good. It sounded really heavy and I think there new album is going to blow some people’s speakers! These guys are really fun to be around and good at what they do so please check them out and support them and get excited for when they drop their album. Their Instagram handle is natures_chicago so you can keep yourself up to date. Their next show is August 5th at Subterranean in Wicker Park, Chicago.


Ian Studio Portraits

A few months ago my good friend Ian Howard married a beautiful bride named Emily. Right after they got hitched, they moved out to LA.  Emily has a job doing cool science stuff, and Ian is pursuing a career in post production audio. Ian is one of the kindest guys I know and he is extremely creative. You should check out some of his photography via his Instagram account @i_howard and or check out his website If any of you happen to see this post and are out in LA and have some audio connections, contact this dude!

Ian and I liked to explore Chicago with our cameras every once in a while and even wake up for the sunrise and photograph Montrose Beach. However, one thing Ian wanted to cross off his list before he moved to LA was to experiment with some studio lighting. Therefore, we set up a make-shift studio in my apartment with a backdrop that was half in the bathroom and half in the dining room with lights and umbrellas spread across my dinging room and living room. It was definitely not the “ideal studio”, but I have come to find that sometimes it really doesn’t matter as long as you can be creative and get some good light going, you can still produce good work. Anyway, it was fun to teach Ian a few tricks and let him experiment. He took some great photos of my sexy mug, but you will have to ask him to see them. For now, here are some photos that I took of him. What I love about Ian is that he was willing to let me experiment do some moody, contrasty, long-exposure, weird motion stuff (How about that for a description?). Shooting like this is fun and a great creative process for me.

Kentucky Bourbon Weekend

A few weekends ago, I had the privilege of traveling to Kentucky to¬†celebrate my friend Ian’s bachelor party. Ian is a guy who likes drinking bourbon, chilling at coffee shops, scouring antique shops, taking photos, and hanging out in dive bars. So, that is exactly what we did! It was a blast to celebrate this man and to partake in all these little joys of life with him and our friends, while capturing it all through my camera. I gave myself a challenge and decided to photograph the entire weekend with one lens. My friend let me borrow his canon 24mm f/1.4 and it was the first time I have ever used the lens. To my delight, it worked out very well in low light and was really fun to use. Enjoy this documentary set of photographs of our weekend. Ian, I hope you remember this for ever and I wish you the best in your marriage. Cheers!