12x9 72dpi multi-portrait

The human world is constantly in motion. The photograph is a still of that motion, is a distortion of it, as well as the beginning of a conversation. I use my camera to engage with both the macro and micro world, to converse with nature and explore the diversity of human experience.

I am drawn to the profound calm inherent in simplicity. My landscapes, whether from visits to American National Parks, North Africa or the Swiss Alps aim to be balanced, serene, and mysterious. In a recent series, I use multi-exposure techniques to create original landscapes out of multiple photographs. The results of this textured layering are bizarre and yet familiar places that exist only in print.

Growing up in rural New Hampshire instilled in me a love of nature at an early age. But since then, I have packed up my camera and driven across America for forty days, hiked the Alps, ran with the bulls in Spain, lived for a time in North Africa and helped start an orphanage in Zimbabwe all the while documenting my travels and engagement with the locals. Familial life, customs, and culture are the focus of my documentary work.

Since moving to Chicago in 2011, I have explored the beauty of cityscapes yet spend more time capturing personalities with portraits and challenging myself to not only still time, but to sculpt it through in-camera motion. Though I use a variety of photographic tools and techniques to capture and alter images, I never lose sight of my initial impetus behind becoming a photographer, to connect with communities and to regard, reflect, and pay homage to the lives we are living.