Colorado with my Father

This year I was extremely fortunate to visit my father in Colorado. I can’t explain how special it was to spend quality time with my active, loving and positive 70 yr old father. It was surreal walking the grounds that he has lived and served on for the past 5 years and hearing all the stories and information he has absorbed working with Navajos in Cortez, CO. I cherish the slow, quiet moments of sitting on the porch with him and my step-mom watching the humming birds amidst the setting sun. Among the most memorable experiences of my life will now also be exploring Silverton ghost towns and capturing the beautiful landscape scenery of Colorado with my camera next to my father and his camera. The joy of utilizing cameras and taking photos has been something we share in common as it has been something we both have enjoyed in our youth and even still today. Camping and making food over the fire, sleeping through the cold nights (or trying to at least), and driving on insanely treacherous dirt roads with no guard rails made only for experienced off-road jeep drivers, which we were not, will also be among those memories! I will never forget this trip and how meaningful it was to spend one-on-one time with my incredible father hearing his stories of growing up and the things he has learned from the relationships he has made these past few years. He means so much to me and our family. I loved seeing his tenacity for exploration and adventure, even to the point that sometimes puts himself or us in danger. I definitely see where I get it from! I also love seeing the heart he has for God and for other people as he is always putting them first. Below are a few of the images of my time spent with him and the places we explored. The last seven images are a select few snapshots from my phone.

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