Mega Mall Graffiti

Since winter in Chicago is typically cold and grey, I figured I would post a blog of some more colorful images from this past summer. My friend Ian and I wanted to check out all of the graffiti that Chicago allowed artists to create on the Mega Mall building which was closing down. We grabbed our cameras and our bikes and headed to the good ol’ Mega Mall in Logan Square to document a small portion of the art that is beautifully displayed on the sides of the building before they take it down or remodel it.  There is incredibly talented street art out there and these walls truly exemplify that.

While we were there, we were fortunate to meet some of the artists currently working on some pieces. They were extremely informative about what and how they were creating and kind about letting us take pictures of them and their creations. I love when cities allow artists to make beautiful things on the side of buildings and make their world a little more “colorful”.


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