Brok & DeAnna – A Stroll Through the Woods Engagement

One of my best friends Brok is getting married this November to an amazing girl named DeAnna, who I have had the pleasure of becoming great friends with as well. I am so pumped for these two! I am excited to share these photos because the love and art that this couple portrays is so authentic. They are a wonderful team for they  work together so well and have the most complimentary laughs and are always up for an adventure! Truly they are selfless and incredibly fun to be around whether you are infected by their contagious smiles or having a deep and meaningful conversation with them. The beauty of their personalties easily shows throughout their daily life. I was certainly smiling a ton when I photographed their engagement at Matthiessen State Park because the scenery and their interactions with each other was captivating. It was such a natural time together, seeing them just walk through the mud and wade through the stream, holding their shoes and each other’s hands. The light streamed through the trees creating a stunning atmosphere. I just followed them around and kept it as natural as possible which is just what they desired. Congrats you two, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you on your wedding day!



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