Ian & Emily Proposal

My friend Ian recently proposed to his (now fiancé) Emily. I was excited when he asked me to capture it all. For one, I was really pumped for Ian, and two, he had a great spot picked out. When we went to scout the location, I quickly realized how the different lines and architecture would frame the scene really well. It was a beautiful day and per usual, as soon as I saw them, my adrenaline kicked in. They walked up pretty close to me, but luckily Emily hadn’t met me yet so she didn’t recognize me. Therefore I pretended to be taking photos of flowers and other things. Once the moment came where Emily turned around and Ian was on his knee, Emily was so surprised. I think she didn’t know what was happening. I know my fiancé was caught off guard when I proposed! However, as soon as I saw her cover her mouth, I knew it meant so much to her and that it took her breath away! I was really proud of my friend Ian and thankful that he asked me to be a part of it all. It was an exciting moment and after the proposal, while walking around shooting a few photos of them interacting, I saw how in love they were. Ian and Emily, I fully support you and wish you two the best as you embark on this wonderful journey together!Ian&Emily_Proposal-9Ian&Emily_Proposal-11Ian&Emily_Proposal-25-EditIan&Emily_Proposal-53Ian&Emily_Proposal-60Ian&Emily_Proposal-75Ian&Emily_Proposal-77Ian&Emily_Proposal-80Ian&Emily_Proposal-84Ian&Emily_Proposal-85Ian&Emily_Proposal-88Ian&Emily_Proposal-97Ian&Emily_Proposal-99Ian&Emily_Proposal-107Ian&Emily_Proposal-115Ian&Emily_Proposal-133Ian&Emily_Proposal-150Ian&Emily_Proposal-151Ian&Emily_Proposal-159Ian&Emily_Proposal-163Ian&Emily_Proposal-171Ian&Emily_Proposal-194Ian&Emily_Proposal-207Ian&Emily_Proposal-213Ian&Emily_Proposal-237Ian&Emily_Proposal-249Ian&Emily_Proposal-254Ian&Emily_Proposal-257Ian&Emily_Proposal-259Ian&Emily_Proposal-260Ian&Emily_Proposal-268Ian&Emily_Proposal-272Ian&Emily_Proposal-273Ian&Emily_Proposal-279Ian&Emily_Proposal-280-EditIan&Emily_Proposal-282Ian&Emily_Proposal-285Ian&Emily_Proposal-287Ian&Emily_Proposal-296Ian&Emily_Proposal-307Ian&Emily_Proposal-310Ian&Emily_Proposal-312Ian&Emily_Proposal-314Ian&Emily_Proposal-317

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