Branding Cunningham Gritty Studio Portraits

In 2015 I spent a little more time in the studio than usual experimenting with portraiture, and one of the sessions from that season is of my friend and talented musician Brandon Cunningham. He has the voice of an angel so you should check out his music. He is on Spotify and here:

Brandon asked me to do some black and white portraits of him for his music and I was honored. The day we decided to shoot was kind of spur of the moment so it was a quick little shoot. He told me he just wanted some simple, classic photos of himself, yet he let me have free reign with style and mood. When I first started shooting I was getting good, even light as one typically wants from a studio portrait. However, I noticed that Brandon has quite the wonderful baby face and looks clean cut, yet when listening to his voice and music there is an honesty, simplicity and a sort of grittiness that I get from him…maybe its because he is from Texas 😉 Anyway, I wanted to somehow capture this in these classic black and white photos so I experimented with strong shadows and uneven light, highlights of specific features such as his eye, and a film look. I’m pleased with the way they turned out and I think they capture a bit of his grit. Tell me what you think!BrandonCunningham-13BrandonCunningham-16BrandonCunningham-20BrandonCunningham-46BrandonCunningham-50BrandonCunningham-62BrandonCunningham-67BrandonCunningham-68BrandonCunningham-71BrandonCunningham-4-EditBrandonCunningham-36BrandonCunningham-8

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