Abstract Portrait Experiments

Usually winter is a little slow for business which is not always good for my wallet, however there are positives such as having time to work on and sift through personal work. Lately I have been doing this and can’t wait to soon update my website with new work that I have been shooting over the past year; it’s about time. For now, I will give you a little sample of some experimenting I did with a friend a few months back. I have been playing in the studio here and there working with lighting, gels, motion, and long exposures specifically for creating abstract portraiture.

Below is a session I did with my friend Matt. Keep in mind, I shot these images with their results all in camera with no photoshop or major editing afterwords. Other than changing a few images to black and white and maybe adjusting a little contrast, these following images are straight out of camera. Here is what I came up with. The last two are of course what you might see for typical portraits, but the first few are what I was really excited about.


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