Marathon Training with Chloé

This past summer the beautiful, strong, fun, and talented Chloé Camille Johnson trained for the Chicago Marathon. Not only was she training to run an insane amount of miles, but she was raising $10,000 for World Vision’s clean water efforts in Africa.

One lovely, warm day on the lake when the light was just perfect, I had the opportunity to photograph Chloé during her training. It was so fun to spend time with her and capture some great moments. She is a blast to be around as well as absolutely gorgeous, so it made it really easy! Plus, she is my girlfriend and I am super proud of her and realize how fortunate I am. That day was not only special because of the photos we got and the perfect light, but because we really started to connect and see our relationship blossom. Don’t worry, I will keep the lovey-dovey stuff to myself.

With these photos, we wanted to capture her strength, elegance, confidence, and personality. She trained hard and really wanted to show that she was motivated to do something bigger than herself. Running and training is obviously a significant part of the marathon, but it was just as important for her to raise money for kids in Africa to have clean water. She wanted to be strong and perform well for them by running and raising support.

Chloé has always been a gymnast so she knows what it is like to work hard and dedicate herself to something. However running is much different and she humbly told me that it was not her strong suit. It wasn’t easy for her to run even a mile when she first started. Yet through motivation, dedication, and relying on her faith she trained hard day in and day out. Eventually after pushing through many hard weeks, the training became enjoyable. That summer during 2 weeks in Spain, she accomplished a 15 mile run and felt amazing after it. She was nervous, but ready to conquer this feat and actually reach her goals. If you would like to hear a wonderful story about Chloe’s marathon season and the hardships she went through dealing with an injury, raising support, and the growth that came with it, then please visit her two blog posts below and read her own elegant words about overcoming physical, emotional, and spiritual feats.

Chloe’s First post:

Chloé’s Second post:

The reason why I am finally showing these images and sharing this story now is because the new year is upon us and a new Chicago Marathon will be coming this fall. Amazingly Chloé is going to go after this goal once again despite her hardships last year! So please join me and support her and all of the other runners out there, especially the ones running for something bigger than themselves. Please consider donating to their causes. If you want to know how to donate to Chloé’s goal this year you can contact her at

Nike here we come!ChloeTraining-94ChloeTraining-82-EditChloeTraining-3ChloeTraining-7ChloeTraining-147-EditChloeTraining-49ChloeTraining-17ChloeTraining-53-EditChloeTraining-128ChloeTraining-121ChloeTraining-23ChloeTraining-55ChloeTraining-70-EditChloeTraining-72-EditChloeTraining-71-EditChloeTraining-111ChloeTraining-90-EditChloeTraining-144ChloeTraining-143ChloeTraining-101ChloeTraining-103ChloeTraining-145

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