Peter & Natalie Engagement

This past fall, I was fortunate to have a lovely couple ask me to shoot their engagement photos. I don’t often photograph too many engagements, but I always enjoy it when I do. Peter and Natalie were really fun and so easy going. You could tell that they were completely in love and cherished all the moments of the day. They had some places and locations in mind that were special to them such as Julius Meinl, but they trusted me with getting shots in multiple locations with various lighting in a fairly short amount of time. Normally, light changing quickly in the fall can be a pain for a photographer, but this time it worked for us because we were able to get so many various shots with unique light whether it was inmate coffee shop window light, daylight, golden hour, and even some night shots with the beautiful city of Chicago as the backdrop. Enjoy these and if you are looking to get engaged soon or already have, let me know and I would be happy to book you a time this new year for a shoot. Be safe and have fun New Years Eve! Many more photos to come in 2016!PeterNatalieEngagement-1-1PeterNatalieEngagement-2-2PeterNatalieEngagement-4-3PeterNatalieEngagement-5-4PeterNatalieEngagement-7-5PeterNatalieEngagement-8-6PeterNatalieEngagement-14-1PeterNatalieEngagement-16-2PeterNatalieEngagement-17-3PeterNatalieEngagement-18-4PeterNatalieEngagement-22-11PeterNatalieEngagement-24-12PeterNatalieEngagement-30-13PeterNatalieEngagement-33-1PeterNatalieEngagement-35-14PeterNatalieEngagement-36-15PeterNatalieEngagement-38-16PeterNatalieEngagement-40-17PeterNatalieEngagement-41-2PeterNatalieEngagement-43-18PeterNatalieEngagement-45-19PeterNatalieEngagement-47-3PeterNatalieEngagement-48-20PeterNatalieEngagement-49-21PeterNatalieEngagement-50-4PeterNatalieEngagement-53-22PeterNatalieEngagement-54-23PeterNatalieEngagement-55-24PeterNatalieEngagement-56-5PeterNatalieEngagement-57-25PeterNatalieEngagement-58-26PeterNatalieEngagement-60-6PeterNatalieEngagement-62-7PeterNatalieEngagement-67-27PeterNatalieEngagement-69-28PeterNatalieEngagement-71-29PeterNatalieEngagement-72-8PeterNatalieEngagement-77-9PeterNatalieEngagement-398-30

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