Caleb Stenzinger Headshots

Here is another headshot session. Caleb does some acting and needed some new headshots since he hasn’t had in any while and he recently relocated to Chicago. What was nice about this session is that Caleb made it real easy. He has done this before so it was real comfortable for both of us. It’s nice to photograph models with experience because I can focus on light, backgrounds and all the technical stuff instead of trying to make the person not feel awkward in front of the camera. He had his expressions down and I didn’t have to give much direction. It made it fly by. I didn’t have much time to do any location scouting, but as I looked out my window I noticed so many different colors and textures just on my street. So basically we just hung out on the street I live on and got all the shots we needed. There are a few that are not really edited for a typical headshot and also one with a light streak going down his face. These I realized wouldn’t be used as headshots, but it was fun to do something different and a little more creative even if it is just for my portfolio. For some reason some of the color quality is getting lost on a few of these images when I upload them, but you get the idea. Enjoy!

IMGL4243 IMGL4244 IMGL4261 IMGL4269-2 IMGL4277 IMGL4278 IMGL4287 IMGL4289-Edit IMGL4290 IMGL4305 IMGL4313 IMGL4329 IMGL4332 IMGL4336 IMGL4343 IMGL4345 IMGL4362 IMGL4365

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