Theatre Actor Antonio Rodriguez Head Shots

Typically I shoot more environmental portraiture, but lately I have been commissioned to shoot head shots, typically for actors. This session was with my friend and theatre actor, Antonio Rodriguez. He just moved to Chicago this past winter to be with some of his family and pursue acting more seriously. He needs to be on top of his game and wanted some good shots. He loved the way they turned out. Honestly, he made it pretty easy. It was fun a shoot and I am happy with some of the backgrounds we came upon and various expressions we were able to get. Equipment wise, I rolled with my mark 111, a reflector and a 24-105 for some of the shots, but mainly stuck with my 5omm to get some good depth of field. Lets be honest, I am just a sucker for a 50mm. I of course strayed away from some head shots here and there to get a few environmental portraits for him to keep and to change things up and keep it interesting. Also, it doesn’t hurt to for my portfolio. Here are the images he chose. Enjoy!IMGL2984 IMGL2991 IMGL3004IMGL3009-EditIMGL3013-Edit IMGL3019 IMGL3029 IMGL3047 IMGL3073 IMGL3075 IMGL3077 IMGL3080IMGL3082 IMGL3091IMGL3117-Edit-2 IMGL3130 IMGL3135 IMGL3138 IMGL3144-Edit IMGL3175-Edit IMGL3176-Edit IMGL3178 IMGL3181 IMGL3193 IMGL3225 IMGL3229 IMGL3234-Edit IMGL3234 IMGL3237 IMGL3243 IMGL3256

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