Portraits of Sustainable Fashion Advocate – Liz Lwanga

As I said before I have been shooting many portraits and head shots lately. The second session I recently did was of Liz Lwanga. She is a seamstress who is a sustainable fashion advocate. She can design and tailor custom clothing, all with ethical clothing practices, which is even better! She is very talented and to prove it, she actually made the dress that she is wearing in these photographs. I think she may have been a little intimidated of getting photographed at first, but we were able to have fun with it and capture some great personality. Check out TheDelicateTension to see just a few of the clothes she has created that are one-of-a-kind pieces and have a positive impact on the environment and the people who made them. I am excited for her to tailor some button down shirts for me!

Enjoy these photos and be on the lookout for some head shots of a few actors that I will hopefully be posting soon!IMGL2710 IMGL2711 IMGL2721IMGL2717 IMGL2749 IMGL2760 IMGL2775IMGL2781 IMGL2786 IMGL2803IMGL2812 IMGL2821
IMGL2844IMGL2840 IMGL2847 IMGL2850 IMGL2863 IMGL2868 IMGL2874 IMGL2918 IMGL2935 IMGL2951 IMGL2957 IMGL2958


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