Portraits of Musician Abbi Rajesekhar

Recently, I have been shooting many portraits and head shots of talented people including a musician, two actors, a runner, and even a seamstress. It is about time you see some of them. Be on the lookout for more sessions, but first up is the lovely and talented musician, Abbi Rajeskhar. Please do yourself a favor and check out her music and go see her trio band live! They are fantastic and have oh so sweet harmonies.

Anyway, for this session Abbi just wanted some close-up and cropped-in photos similar to head shots, but with a little more creativity and personality. She was super fun to work with and she was a rockstar in front of the camera, and well, those eyes…

IMGL1639 IMGL1609IMGL1663 IMGL1664 IMGL1750 IMGL1752 IMGL1761 IMGL1855
IMGL1902 IMGL1903 IMGL1905 IMGL1917 IMGL1919 IMGL1994 IMGL2014 IMGL2020 IMGL2024 IMGL2052 IMGL2054 IMGL2060
IMGL2065 IMGL2081


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