New Portraits

Recently, I have been working with a new start-up production company. We decided to do some bio pics for the website that is currently being built. I will let you all know when it launches. Anyway, Below are three images of each person showing a few different personality traits. This was a really fun shoot and it’s pretty cool what you can do with a background using household materials and some natural, window light. A few of these are up on my site
Ash&ClayBioPics124 Ash&ClayBioPics119 Ash&ClayBioPics106 Ash&ClayBioPics92 Ash&ClayBioPics86 Ash&ClayBioPics83 Ash&ClayBioPics66 Ash&ClayBioPics63 Ash&ClayBioPics62 Ash&ClayBioPics44 Ash&ClayBioPics35 Ash&ClayBioPics32 Ash&ClayBioPics15 Ash&ClayBioPics9 Ash&ClayBioPics6Ash&ClayBioPics147

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