Perkolator Coffee Shop Shoot

This past week I was able to photograph the interior and exterior of a new coffee shop called Perkolator. It opened few months ago in the Chicago neighborhood, Portage Park. Even though Perkolator has only been open since September 15th, the business has been doing well inhabiting many locals and daily regulars. The owners of the shop, Joe and Melissa, have two young boys and also own the resale shop across the street called Thrift & Thrive. It’s really cool to see their motivation and drive behind all their hard work. They really want to raise up a great community in their neighborhood where people can thrive. If you are in the area go check out the spring/fall-like vibe of the Perkolator by relaxing and getting a warm cup of coffee and tasty bite to eat.IMG_8402 IMG_8431 IMG_8334 IMG_8390 IMG_8352 IMG_8312 IMG_8328 IMG_8257 IMG_8252 IMG_8287 IMG_8395 IMG_8412 IMG_8378 IMG_8469 IMG_8392 IMG_8357 IMG_8263 IMG_8260 IMG_8346 IMG_8314 IMG_8366 IMG_8367 IMG_8408 IMG_8441 IMG_8442 IMG_8403 IMG_8326

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