Whats That Paint Website Shoot

Hello all,

I was fortunate enough to be hired a second time by a new startup company called Whats that Paint. Its a company that sells paint can labels for the purpose of neatly organizing your paint cans. I did a few photos for the company’s packaging. The first shoot went pretty well because they asked me to do all of the product photography shots for the website. The splash page photo that pops up when you go to whatsthatpaint.com is the photo I took originally for the packaging. Note, the bottom is cropped off because of the design of the website for some reason.

I was excited for this opportunity because there was much more involved with the process of the shoot as a whole, and the individual shots themselves were also more complicated. It helped that it had a bigger price tag too. I worked with the website and graphic designer to get the exact ideas they wanted before executing the concepts.

It was fun because I got to mess around with 10 different pantone colors of paint and learn how to use lighting in unique ways. So after some equipment failure, a 3/4  painted apartment wall, and a lot of photoshop work…the photos below are what came out. The shots for the website and of the package for the labels are posted. You can also see what my “studio” looked like during the process.

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