New Site

I know, I know its been forever since I have blogged. Part of the reason has been camera issues, but that means I have been shooting more film lately which I have really enjoyed and will hopefully post sooner than later. The other reason is from working on a new website. That being said, I am excited to announce that my new site is finally up with the same url!

I have been wanting a new site for a while now. I wanted something with a different look and style and with a bit more functionality, yet keeping it clean with the focus on the images. I had way too many categories on my old website and it just seemed overwhelming and broad. My site, I must admit is still a bit broad in general, but what can I say, I like shooting everything…I am still debating whether or not to put a sports category on it.

Anyway, I now have more narrowed categories with albums separated within them. I think this allows for a much easier and cleaner look and navigation. The option I probably love the most is being able to see the photos in full screen mode. It just makes them much larger and stand out that much more! Its a bonus to be able to scroll through the photos using the arrows on your keyboard as well. I hope you enjoy the new look with some new photos! If you have any comments or suggestions about any of the photos, albums, or the site in general don’t hesitate to share them with me. Enjoy!

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