A Little More Film & Vintage

I recently pulled out my old film camera as I have been looking at film and vintage photos more recently. As I played around with the camera and looked at the various lenses and filters, I got a sense of that old feeling of the film camera itself and remembered when I first started taking pictures with it. I decided I really want to get back into shooting film a little more. Below is a list of a few reasons why I like using film. Of course, I will always continue to shoot digital, but I want to do both and be versatile creatively to different styles, formats, or mediums even if I my film shots are strictly personal. So in preparation I developed two random rolls that I found from a while ago and bought some new rolls to start shooting with. However, the photos of my film camera below are taken with my digital camera, but I wanted the images to represent as if I shot them with a film camera to almost prepare or ease my way back into film. I set all my settings as to what I thought would be correct to get the “film feel” that I wanted with correctly exposed, warm lighting. I shuttered a few images and did not look at my camera’s lcd screen to view the images and make adjustments. I just hoped for the best and uploaded them onto my computer and was not going to enhance them in a single way. I just took the exact raw images I shot. And well, I really liked what came out, so that is why they are posted below. The last two I digitally altered to make them a little abstract with a touch of vintage / old film. I love the feeling of these.

List of not all, but a few reasons why I like shooting film:

– I like the idea that every photo costs money therefore it makes me be more careful about each shot, instead of digitally just snapping away almost care free then looking at the screen, adjusting as I go.

– I need to carefully compose and light meter each shot. It makes me think about what I am doing and wether or not the particular “scene” is worth shooting. Therefore, I pay attention to and hone in on my knowledge and sense of shutterspeed, aperture, iso, outside elements, etc.

– It provides a different feel and look or aesthetic.

– Getting back the film is always a surprise as to what I captured. Don’t get me wrong, I still get excited or nervous at times before I upload my digital images to my computer because I can see them bigger and in more detail, but I still have a basic idea of what they look like and if they came out good because of the lcd screen on the camera.

– I have fewer shots, but hopefully better shots within the fewer amount, instead of having 100’s or 1000’s to sift through because I did not take my time, think as much, and was not as careful.

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