Documenting A Community in Need

Hello everyone! Sorry It has been so long since I have posted something. I have been super busy with work, shooting a family portrait, lining up more photo gigs, and attending Jeremy Cowart’s (one of my favorite photographers) all day workshop here in Chicago.

However, One of the main things that has been keeping me busy is an organization I joined earlier this year. I am kind of like the “media” guy and official photographer for the organization. The Organization is called Christ’s Initiative and this coming February we are building a community center in Gweru, Zimbabwe that will house orphans, have a feeding program, educate people about hygiene and self-sustainable farming, and more.

I, as Josh Sheldon Photography have the opportunity to go to Zimbabwe for 1 month to document with a photojournalistic approach the start up of this grassroots non-profit and the lives of the community it is helping.

My hope is to use the art of photography and possibly a few other mediums such as journaling and video to raise awareness about the situation and the organization, and also to raise funds to help out this community in desperate need. I hope to come back and sell prints, hold a gallery or two, maybe get something published, speak and give a presentation, etc.

However, for me to do this I need to raise $3500 to cover my expenses for 1 month in Zimbabwe. To learn more about how I am going to do this and how you can help please go to

Feel free to visit for detailed information about the organization.

Below are just a few photos that I did the editing for from the feeding program we started with some of the money we raised and sent to our partners in Zimbabwe.

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