Black & White Parameter

Sometimes I like to give myself different challenges or parameters when I photograph. For example, I will take only one lens and try to get the best shots I can with the limitations of that one lens. Other times I will shoot specific things and nothing else. I feel as if it gives me a better eye and makes me more creative with how I photograph and see things. It in some ways can narrow my views because of the limitation, but it opens me to more detail and possibilities with what I am specifically shooting or shooting with. One day this summer, I was out with a friend and we traveled downtown to just roam around for a little while photographing whatever was in our midst. I was not shooting anything specific, but I wanted to capture everything in black and white. Therefore, I gave myself a limitation and did not let myself shoot in color, even once. I set my camera to black and white (or monochrome) and didn’t turn back. Here are just a few shots from this day.

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