Marina City Towers at Night

I am fortunate enough to work under the Marina City Towers. These buildings are beautiful pieces of architecture in and of themselves. However, the view from the top of them is even more spectacular. I have been up a few times, but it seems extra special at night with the city lights surrounding me. It was very windy this particular night so it was hard to keep the tripod still while having a long shutter speed, but I was able to get some good shots out of the many I took. Every time I go up there I feel as if the city is more peaceful. I look down and see everything moving slowly, but as soon as you go down it is much louder and constant, fast movement. I love the contrast of the two perspectives. I have shots from during the day that might come later. The last few photos are from the perspective underneath the buildings on the river. I am naturally attracted to abstract light and color, especially when combined with water. I think it is the light on the water that adds so much to these last particular photos.

2 thoughts on “Marina City Towers at Night

  1. Looks like you’re really dialing in these night shots! Beautiful. I wonder if the owners of the buildings/businesses might be interested in the photos for annual reports, promo shots?

  2. Yeah I really should look into that. Thanks for the thought. There are a few places that may use my photography here in Chicago. I really need to get on that soon. It looks like work is slowing down for me this month so I probably will have sometime this winter to put myself out there.

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