Brittany and Kyle Wedding

Last weekend I was able to attend two of my good college friend’s wedding. It was great to see everyone and be part of the celebration. There wasn’t really an official photographer for the wedding because the couple didn’t want one but instead just a few people to take photos while in the moment with what I would call a photo journalistic approach. It was mainly her sister and I who were taking the photos, so in a way I was kind of the “second” shooter for the wedding. I didn’t go “all out” in terms of preparation and equipment and getting every shot I normally would for a wedding because it wasn’t my job to, but I wanted to do my friends a favor as a gift and capture some good moments for them on their special day. I actually didn’t use any flashes during the wedding so it was good practice for shooting in low lighting. It was a great wedding with wonderful people and I am glad I could be part of it as a viewer, but also being asked to take a few photos in the background. There are quite a few photos so I put them in the gallery format so you don’t have to scroll down forever. Congrats Brittany and Kyle!

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