Time Lapse

I am excited to show these new photos this week! I shots these during the summer and really liked the way they were turning out in the camera. I finally got around to viewing them on my computer and doing a few adjustments. Time lapse shots can be really cool if done right. If your unfamiliar to how this is done, basically, you set your camera on a tripod with a long exposure while having a high aperture. Of course you need a good location with light, motion, and an artistic eye to frame each shot. All these photos are from the same night. I took my camera downtown at night to specifically shoot time lapse photos. I had a few areas in mind beforehand, but really was exploring where there was alot of traffic and lights. There are quite a few photos so enjoy them. I also think some these would look really good as a huge print on a wall! 🙂 Just saying…

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