Mucca Pazza Music

If you can’t picture or have never heard of an orchestral, punk marching band then watch and listen to the band Mucca Pazza. It was a treat to see these musicians in their colorful, old and tattered, marching band outfits that don’t fit. They write all of their own music and it is a really unique style and performance. I have seen them play at a big venue such as the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millenium Park and the opposite, on a side street bussing for money with a bucket. I photographed them in a way to capture as much color as possible to get an accurate depiction of their uniforms and energetic presentation. They were eye-catching in so many ways with tunes that were very dynamic and original with a big marching band sound. Each person in the band had an interesting and unique character and were completely un-uniform to each other which is the opposite of a typical marching band. However, their music was played very much in sync despite the dynamic range.

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