Night Shots

So after I photographed the fireworks, I decided it would be fitting to take some night shots because it was dark yet there were many city lights, there were alot of people out, and I had my camera and tripod with me. So of course that is just what I did. I wanted to experiment with a panorama idea I had and also with long exposures. The city’s buildings near the docks are long exposure shots with a great deal of movement going on. The motion of people shows a little more excitement and gives a more accurate depiction of the scene at the time. There were many people out enjoying the night walking around, riding bikes, having a picnic,playing with fireworks and sparklers, etc. As I sat there with my camera with a long exposure, it was fitting that all the people in the photograph are in motion and blurry because that is what it felt like when I was standing there with my tripod watching everyone go by me as I stood still. I also think it provides for a more interesting photograph with much more to look at opposed to just buildings and a “perfectly” empty landscape; which is just not the case.

The first photograph below is a panoramic view of the bean involving the motion of people and the backdrop of the buildings. I was experimenting with this technique and I am happy with the way it turned out. I actually like how the buildings in the background are a little warped because of the angle I was shooting at, looking almost as if I photographed it with a fisheye lens.  It was such a beautiful night and I think this picture shows how pretty, and in a way,  how peaceful a city can be even with all the commotion. It was nice to sit there and people watch with the lights and grand architecture all around.

The photos towards the end are of some people playing with sparklers and a mid-level view of the bean.

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