Chicago has fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday for free off of Navy Pier. Some of these photos are from the first time that I saw fireworks off the pier and some of them are from 4th of July shortly after. It was such an enjoyable experience and it was kind of an experiment for me as a photographer. I have never photographed fireworks before so I decided to try it and see what kind of technique is behind capturing fireworks. Basically I had the camera on a tripod with a medium to high aperture and a long shutter speed that I controlled manually with the bulb setting. The first shot is one of my favorites because I was able to capture an older couple sitting very still at the edge of the dock enjoying the night sky being lit up. I feel as if it represents lasting love and commitment through many years with it being just as grand as the beginning. It was one of my last shots so it was a great conclusion to the firework show. The last photograph in this series is more abstract. I shot it out of focus on purpose to see how the colors would be portrayed without extreme detail, the same way the reflection of the lights off the water are viewed. To me, its just as beautiful a representation of a firework than any. I also like how the second photograph looks like party streamers!

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