Digital Flower

First, the best way to view the image below is to look at it as if in a gallery setting. Stand back and view the image from a distance (just pretend its really big, haha). Then from a distance come closer to it and then inspect it with more detail.

This is an abstract image that I have been working on lately. It has about 22 layers and each layer I added, I adjusted it until I liked it. I love the explosion of color that this image brings. It is all blended together from a distance, but you notice details when viewing it up close. I think it is beautiful with out any explanation. However, I am going to say I was inspired by the flower photos I posted earlier. I wanted to create a more abstract and unique version of the beauty that a flower brings. This is a digital representation of just that.

I must admit the web version of this image on the blog doesn’t quite do it justice. It looks much better when larger and how it looks without condensing it for the web. It is much more vibrant. I can’t wait to see it printed. And yes prints for most all my images are available.

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