Nature Walk

A few weeks ago I spent part of a day on a nature walk with a good friend of mine. She and I just roamed around the the woods and fields capturing the beautiful flowers in bloom. Its so amazing the detail that even the smallest flower has. I normally don’t photograph flowers, but I did like getting up nice and close and pulling out the vibrant colors and detail through my lens that most people see from a distance without realizing the intricacies of such a small living creation. I love how a really small flower viewed through our eyes in a “normal” perspective can look so big in a photograph. It was also a nice break from photographing people who move and have personalities and so many different looks. A flower doesn’t have shame and opinions which at times can be a relief. You can take your time with the shot without waisting someone’s time or money, and not be judged. I must admit though, my friend has a niche for these flower shots and I wasn’t feeling competitive at all, but subconsciously I probably was thinking “I need to make a good impression with these photos because hers are probably going to blow mine out of the water.” haha. My friend Jess just put a site up and you should check it out if you want to see some beautiful flower photos. Her portfolio can be viewed here:


One thought on “Nature Walk

  1. THANK YOU!!!! I love your images. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition– and you’ve brought it. 🙂 Great job, Josh. Always will remember this trip; it was a blast!

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