Vintage Look

I am still on the road to Chicago, therefore this is just a short post. I was walking around a town a little while ago and had my camera in hand. I was snapping shots as I was killing time before I had to be somewhere. I really didn’t have any conceptual ideal behind the shots. I was just roaming around. However it was a beautiful spring day with the sun out and the air feeling slightly crisp. For some reason I just had this image or thought of an old town in my head. I really just wanted to practice a little editing with the “vintage look”. Its great when you can take an average photograph with no real meaning behind it and transform it into something more interesting. I hope and look forward to taking more thought-out, conceptual shots with the vintage or retro theme.

5 thoughts on “Vintage Look

  1. LOVE these! Can’t buy anything now with our cross country move in a few weeks, but once we are settled, I am coming back to these to order!

  2. love the faces of the buildings in shot 5 and that gazebo rocks! my car is totally represented in The Old Theater photo. YES!

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