Motorcycle Swap Event

I have been busy with the process of moving to Chicago and getting an apartment with a great friend of mine. I am not there yet because I made a little road trip out of it and have been staying with friends along the way. I am now in St Louis. I have finally found a little downtime to do a new post. So sorry about the long wait.

A few weeks ago back home I was stuck in traffic because of a huge event. There were thousands of Harleys and similar types of motorcycles making their way in and out of a huge motorcycle swap on some fair grounds. As I drove by, I had the thought that this might be an interesting event to photograph because of the type of people and things centered all around motorcycles. To me it seemed like it could be a whole new culture. Therefore on my way back through, I told myself what the heck, I will pay $5 and take some photographs of this interesting event just to see what will come of it. I really just wanted to shoot something new, see what this event was all about, and maybe get out of my comfort zone a little with my camera.
I have to admit I did feel a little out of my comfort zone since I didn’t know anything about motorcycles, especially the “Harley style”. Everyone around me was big, burly and bearded, wearing black and leather. I felt like I was the only skinny boy with a white t-shirt and a camera, making me stick out even more. I arrived toward the end of the event so I didn’t get the full experience, but none the less it was fun to photograph what felt like to be a complete motorcycle culture. Many times I was scared to photograph the people because I thought they might hurt me, especially with their “glares”. haha. But when I did ask someone to be photographed, they were really nice about it and let me do so. I really saw how much it was a lifestyle to these people and how much passion they had for these types of motorcycles. It definitely helped me get over some photo journalistic fears. Well, enjoy a few of the shots from the motorcycle swap event. I can’t wait to start photographing in Chicago!

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