Gemma’s Linzers w/ Behind the Scenes

This week I had the honor to photograph some cookies for a friend’s business for an article and advertisement in some magazines. Her cookie business is called Gemma’s Linzers. First of all let me say that they taste fantastic! She was kind enough to give me a few after the shoot. These cookies are great for all kinds of events. Check out her website ( and her Facebook page and order some cookies soon. Gemma was great to work with. She gave me complete creative control and it was cool to hear how her business started and how fast it is growing. She does it all from her home. I used an external flash with an umbrella and the natural kitchen light to light the subject. I had an idea of what the composition would look like before I started and I succeeded in my idea. However, I was able to progress the image by adding fruit and jams in the background to give the photos some depth and more color. Plus she uses all natural, delicious ingredients so we both figured they fit. The shot of just the cookies really shows the product and the ones with the fruit are more eye catching, giving them a more “all natural” look. The last shot of the cookies was just a random test shot without my flash. After cropping it, I thought it was kind of interesting. Gemma was kind enough to take some behind the scenes shots so you can see me in action.

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