Some of you may know, but for those of you who don’t…The last few months I had been living in Pennsylvania for a church directory, portrait photography job. The job consisted of traveling around to different churches in the PA, NJ, and even the OH region setting up a studio in order to take portraits of all the members. It definitely wasn’t my ideal job and there were many reason why I left the job, but it just wasn’t creative enough photography for me. I would set up the studio the same way and take many similar types of portraits with the same poses. Now, I am not at all saying church directories are bad in any way. I think they are good, but just from a photographer’s point of view, the actual photography involved in them is not my cup of tea.
However, when I had time in between portraits I had to take more creative and aesthetically pleasing photos in and around the church for their directory book and website. This part of the job was more natural for me and allowed me to be more experimental and artistic. I would roam around the premises opening my eyes up to various angles, lighting, and objects in order to capture in essence the little things of a church building’s character. A lot of it was low light shooting, so I often had to bump up my iso and take slower shutter speed shots. In other words, I sometimes had to stay more still than usual so not to blur the photos. So below are a few of the many shots I took and actually kept from photographing different elements of the various churches I traveled to.

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